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Maps-India provides high quality maps on all aspects of travel and tourism in India, including East India Map.The boundaries of all the states in East India have been drawn for your convenience on the map on East India.

Find out the names and locations of the capitals of the states in East India at just a glance at the map. It is very easy to locate on the map the position of Patna in Bihar, Calcutta in West Bengal, Gangatok in Sikkim, Bhubaneshwar in Orissa and Ranchi in Jharkhand. The East India map points out the boundaries of the neighboring states of Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Kolkata is known as the city of joy.

The Bengali sweets are famous throughout the country. Kolkata was the administrative headquarters of the British Government and thus it holds a lot of historic significance. The Victoria Memorial is a major landmark of this city. Howrah Bridge is the third largest bridge in the world. The international boundaries of India that separate it from the neighboring countries of Bhutan, Nepal and China have been pointed out on the map. You can easily find out the location of the Bay of Bengal at just a glance at the map of East India. We also provide detailed maps on all aspects of travel and tourism in the states and cities of East India.

Maps-India offers detailed map on East India, and tour bookings for all the states and major cities of East India.

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