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India Climate Map

Maps-India provides high quality maps on India,including India Climate Map. The great Himalayas in the North,the Indo Gangetic Plains in central India,the Great Indian Thar Desert in the northwest and the Peninsula in the south flank India.

This diverse topography determines the climate of the nation. The temperature of the country varies from temperate in the north to tropical monsoon in the south. The climates found in all the various regions in India have been highlighted on the map on India climate. You can easily point out Kerala,Goa and parts of Karnataka where a Tropical Wet Climate is found.

Most of the Peninsular India enjoys a Tropical Wet and Dry Climate as is clearly visible on the climate map of India. Locate on the map the famine prone zone where Tropical Semi-Arid Steppe Climate is found. This zone includes Tamil Nadu,Karnataka,western Andhra Pradesh and central Maharashtra.

The foothills of Himalayas,Punjab-Haryana Plain,Uttar Pradesh,Bihar,parts of Rajasthan in the east of the Aravalli Hills and northern part of West Bengal and Assam,which experience the Humid Sub-Tropical Climate,have been highlighted on the climate map of India. The other major areas- Arid or Desert and Undifferentiated Highlands- have been marked on the map on the climates of India. India has three major climates- summer,monsoon and winter. During summers (April- June) a climate of 45C and above is common in Central India. The various hill stations in the country such as Ooty,Shimla,Manali and Darjeeling are popular destinations during the hot summer time. The rainfall in the monsoon season is heavy along the west coast from June to September and along the eastern coast from mid- October to December. The heavy snowfall in the northern region during winters (November-March) attracts tourists in large numbers to places in the states of Jammu and Kashmir,Uttaranchal,Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal. In the far south temperature is comfortably warm during this time.

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