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India Mountaineering Map

Maps-India provides high quality maps on all major aspects of travel and tourism in India, including India Mountaineering Map.

India offers a wide spectrum of options for mountaineering as well as other related sports. The Himalayas, the mightiest mountain ranges in the world, are situated in India. Mt. Everest and K2 are its two peaks that have inspired mountaineers from across the world to climb the two highest mountain peaks in the world and get their names recorded in history.

The locations of these two mountain peaks, the Karakoram ranges and the approximate location of the Himalayan ranges have been drawn on the map on India mountaineering. Himachal Pradesh, Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttaranchal, Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast India and Sikkim are the most important mountaineering destinations in India that have been highlighted on the map on mountaineering in India. The summits that are quite popular with the mountaineers are Num and Kun and the Zanskar range in Jammu and Kashmir. In Himachal Pradesh, the areas of Lahaul and Spiti as well as the Kullu valley have several challenging peaks. Find out their locations at just a glance at the map of mountaineering destinations in India.

Maps-India offers detailed information on India mountaineering map,and tour bookings for India.

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