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Wildlife in India

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India | Wildlife Resorts in India | National Parks in India
India has a diverse wildlife. There are around 30000 different kinds of insects, 350 kinds of mammals and 1200 types of birds in its forests, sanctuaries and parks. The Wildlife in India map points out the places where one may find the wildlife sanctuaries of the country. The diverse wildlife of India is truly an eye catcher. Where on one hand one can get to see animals like lions, white tigers, panthers, Asiatic Elephant, one horned rhinoceros, golden langur, wild buffalo, gagetic gharial, wolves, deers, on the other hand one can get to see birds like western tragopan, Himalayan monal pheasant, choughs, koklass, griffon vultures, white crested khalij cheer pleasant, lammergiers, ravens and others.There are a large number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India where one can get to see these creatures. As evident from the Wildlife in India map, these animal reserves are sites in states like Gujarat
Bihar, Jammu and Kasmir, Assam, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Kerala and others.Some of the popular and famous wildlife sanctuaries in India are: The rich wildlife in India has been used to a great extent to promote Indian tourism at the international level. Every year hoards of tourists visit the wildlife sanctuaries and parks of the country to take a look at the different kinds of animal and bird species.

There are a large number of tour operators and travel agencies who come up with different kinds of tour packages from time to time. These packages involve a visit to the mentioned wildlife sanctuaries coupled with a stay at a wildlife resort.

See birds nesting and feeding their young on tours to Ranthambore, Corbett, Kanha, Periyar, Kaziranga, Sunderbans, Gir and other national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India.

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