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The four months namely June , July, August and September form the core of the rainy season all over the country.

This duration of the rainy season, however, goes on decreasing from south to north and from east to west. In the extreme north-west it is barely two months. Between three-fourths and nine-tenths of the total rainfall is concentrated over this period.

Annual rainfall of over 300 cm is received over parts of western coast and northeastern India. Annual rainfall of less than 50 cm is experienced in western Rajasthan and adjoining parts of Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab. Rainfall is equally low in the interior of the Deccan plateau east of the Sahyadris. A third area of low precipitation is around Leh in Kashmir. Rest of the country receives a moderate rainfall. Snowfall is restricted to the Himalayan region.

Owing to the vagaries of the monsoon , the annual rainfall is highly variable from year to year. Variability is high in the regions of low rainfall. Areas of high rainfall are liable to be affected by floods. Areas of moderate and low rainfall are drought prone.

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