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India ranks third amongst the coal producing countries in the world. Average annual production growth rate during 1980's was about 6.5% as against the global of 2.3%. Most of the coal production in India comes from openpit mines contributing over 80% of the total production. A number of large openpit mines of over 10 million tonnes production per annum capacity are in operation.

The coal reserves of India upto the depth of 1200 m. have been estimated by the Geological Survey of India as 2,11,593.61 million tones as on 1.1 2000. The state-wise distribution of coal reserves is as follows:

Sl. No. State Reserves
(in million tonne)
1 Andhra Pradesh 13,586.80
2 Arunachal Pradesh 90.23
3 Assam 320.21
4 Bihar 69,128.19
5 Madhya Pradesh 43,429.71
6 Maharashtra 7,077.11
7 Meghalaya 459.43
8 Nagaland 19.94
9 Orissa 50,448.65
10 Uttar Pradesh 1,061.80
11 West Bengal 25,908.54
12 TOTAL 211,593.61

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