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There are 24 stock exchanges in the country, 20 of them being regional ones with allocated areas. Three others set up in the reforms era, viz., National Stock Exchange (NSE) the Over the Counter Exchange of India Limited (OTCEI) and Inter-connected Stock Exchange of India Limited (ISE) have mandate to nationwide trading network. The ISE is promoted by 15 regional stock exchanges in the country and has been set up at Mumbai. The ISE provides a member-broker of any of these stock exchanges an access into the national market segment, which would be in addition to the local trading segment available at present. The NSE and OCTEI, ISE and majority of the regional stock exchanges have adopted the screen based trading system (SBTS) to provide automated and modern facilities for trading in a transparent, fair and open manner with access to investors across the country. As on 31 March 1999, 9,877 companies were listed on the stock exchanges and the market capitalization was 5,30,772 crore. The total single sided turnover on all stock exchanges during 2998-99 was Rs 10,23,381.

The following are the names of the various stock exchanges in India :

The Mumbai Stock Exchange

The Ahmedabad Stock exchange Association Ltd.

Bangalore Stock Exchange Ltd.

C Stock Exchange Association Ltd.

The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd.

Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd.

The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd.

The Guwahati Stock Exchange Ltd.

The Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd.

Jaipur Stock Exchange Ltd.

Kanara Stock Exchange Ltd.

The Ludhiana Stock Exchange Association Ltd.

Madras stock Exchange Ltd.

Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange Ltd.

The Magadh Stock Exchange Ltd.

Mangalore Stock Exchange Ltd.

Pune Stock Exchange Ltd.

Saurashtra Kutch Stock Exchange Ltd.

The Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange Association Ltd.

Vadodara Stock Exchange Ltd.

Coimbatore Stock Exchange

Meerut Stock Exchange Ltd.

Over The Counter (OTC) Exchange of India

The National Stock Exchange of India

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