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Kanchipuram Tourist Map

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Maps-India provides high quality tourist maps on all major tourist destinations of India, including Kanchipuram Tourist Map. Kanchipuram is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in India. It is major center of Tamil learning, is famous for silk and the various temples of the district are wonderful illustrations of the glorious Dravidian architecture. The district headquarters, Kanchipuram city, has been pointed out on the tourist map of Kanchipuram. The Kamakshi Amman Temple in the city is one of the three major temples of goddess Shakti in India. Many other beautiful and famous temples, including Kailashanathar Temple, Ekambareshwar Temple and Varadaraja Temple are situated in this city that has been highlighted on the map on Kanchipuram tours. Vedantangal is famous for its bird sanctuary that is among the most popular bird sanctuaries in India. Muttukkadu Lake is a famous picnic and water sports center. The monuments of the renowned city Mamallapuram are an example of Dravidian and Pallava arts. Covelong Beach, distinctly pointed out on the map, has a fort that acts as a beach resort and offers windsurfing and swimming facilities. All the other major tourist destinations of the district can be clearly noticed on Kanchipuram Tourist Map.

Maps-India provides online information on maps of Kanchipuram and other major cities of Tamil Nadu, India, and tour booking for Kanchipuram. For more information on Kanchipuram tourist map or to book exciting and unforgettable tours to Kanchipuram, please enter your query in the form below.

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