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Tamil Nadu District Map

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Maps-India provides high quality maps on all the major districts, cities and states of India, including the Tamil Nadu District Map. Our District map on Tamil Nadu gives the location of all the 30 districts including Chennai, Coimbatore, Kanchipuram, Kodaikanal, Madurai and Ooty. The boundaries of all these districts are clearly marked on the map. The map makes it clear that Chennai is not only the foremost tourist destination of Tamil Nadu but also the state capital. Find out the districts whose boundaries connect Tamil Nadu to the neighboring states of Kerala , Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh at just a glance at the district map.

Tamil Nadu is surrounded by Gulf of Mannar , Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal and all the districts that are on the coast can be noticed at just a glance at Tamil Nadu district map. The district map of Tamil Nadu makes locating various districts of Tamil Nadu very easy.

Tamil Nadu District Map

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