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Varanasi Tourist Map

Maps on Uttar Pradesh

Maps-India provides high-quality tourist maps on all major cities of Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, including Varanasi Tourist Map.Varanasi, also known as Kashi and Banaras, is the foremost pilgrimage destination of Hindus and is a source of curiosity for those who have heard the legends of this city being the cosmic center of the universe. Varanasi, the city of mystique, has preserved the rituals and traditions of Hindu philosophy. Pilgrims from across the world visit this ancient city in search of divine blessings. Varanasi, whose location is distinctly visible on the tourist map, is the place where you will find thousands of temples on the banks of River Ganges, including the Vishwanath Temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Many ghats such as Kedar Ghat, Tulsidas Ghat, Manikarnka Ghat and Panchganga Ghat are situated on the banks of River Ganga.

Sarnath, famous for the Deer Park where Buddha preached his first sermon, is visible on the map on tourist attractions in Varanasi. Various stupas like Dharmarajika, Chaukhani and Dharnek, the beautiful Ashoka Pillar, remains of a monastery and a museum that showcases some of the finest specimen of Buddhist sculpture are the major attractions of Sarnath. Find the location of Ramnagar, where you can visit the fort, on the map on Varanasi tours. The fort has beautiful Durbar Hall and Royal Museum that showcases an exquisite collection of palanquins, elephant saddles, arms and costumes of the royals of the bygone era. The map on tourist destinations in Varanasi can be useful on your tours to this ancient holy city.

Maps-India provides online information on maps of Varanasi and other major cities of Uttar Pradesh, India, and tour booking for Varanasi. For more information on Varanasi Tourist map or to book exciting and unforgettable tours to Varanasi, please enter your query in the form below.


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